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• General Disinfection

What do we call disinfection?
Disinfection is defined as the reduction of the microbe content of pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi, etc.and aims to remove, inactivate or destroy these harmful pathogenic microorganisms in areas and surfaces to a large extent. The desired reduction in the number of germs is 99.99% at least, while the remaining ones are not able to transmit any disease or infection.

In which areas is it considered necessary?
Disinfection is considered necessary especially in places where several people congregate, such as hospitals, schools, stadiums, hotels, public transport, etc., but also in any workplace or home that has been confirmed by a person who is ill. It is also considered appropriate to practice it after the rodenticide and deworming due to the fact that rodents and insects carry on them the pathogenic microorganisms that can leave our space by passing or dying there.

What should you do before disinfection?
In order for the disinfection to be successful, the place must be free of pollutant of an inorganic and organic nature, so that the disinfectant does not have difficulty approaching to pathogenic microorganisms and is not trammel by these contaminants.

In practice. The biocidal disinfectants we use are safe for humans and suitable for residential and dining areas, do not corrode surfaces that come in contact with and are approved by the National Medicines Agency (EOF) with a marketing authorization.
Disinfection is done either with a pressure sprayer and battery sprayer or with a cold spray fogger. Disinfectants have no residue, so in frequently contaminated areas, disinfection should be repeated.

• Sanitary projects of HACCP

• Deworming

The most common insects found in our area and are a threat to public health are cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas, bed bugs, mites, wasps. The deworming done with formulations, approved by the Ministry, with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). First is the recognition of the pests by agriculturalists of our company and after that occurs the chemical treatment if it is deemed reason is necessary οf the large population of the pests and health threats of confirmation.The pursuance is made to the foci of the problem but having as a tactic to create security zones to the area we have to protect and have better results. Methods of pest control : 1)Spraying, 2)Fumigation, 3)Gel, 4)Electric Insect Killer, 5)Multiple arrests adhesives

• Rodent control

The most frequently occurring rodents in Greece is the house mouse (Mus musculus), rats Rattus rattus and Rattus norvegicus, roof rat and Norwegian respectively and the rat of the fields Microtus arvalis. The rodent control is by placing multiple-capture traps or security traps with meds.The most important thing is the safety of non-target organisms such as children and pets.The agriculturalists of our company will show you additional measures you should take to shield your space.

• Repel snake

The state has enacted laws prohibiting kill snakes only allowing their repulsion. The Greek legislation prohibits the killing or hunting snakes. The repelling of snakes made with approved formulations of liquid sprayed and granulated.

• Αcaricide

There mite species such as mite scabies human, animal and mainly house dust found in bedrooms and kitchens with preference in mattresses, carpets, stuffed furniture and bedding. The deworming done by fumigation using fogger and a fumigant formulation depending on the case.

• Woodworms

Woodworm are those that affect the woody areas of our space as the floor, the ceiling, the window frames and doors, the framed pictures, the wooden furniture even books . The injury typically cause is not obvious because the attack starts from inside the wood.Human usually realizes it by the sound that make, sawdust leaving, the holes (woodworm, wood eating ants etc.) or final stage when the windows frames are found to be hollow (termites).

• Fleas

Fleas do not belong to the aids insects but those that jump.For that reason the pest control is a lot different from the rest.

• Bed bugs

The bed bugs are found in rural and urban environments. They prefer human blood in warm homes, beds and mattresses.

• Repelling birds

To repel birds we place where they sit and source of infection either pins, or wire, or special formulations that make them afraid this point, or special equipment with bird voice simulations that will make them a threat but also all the new out products will be at the market. Depending on the location and access that we have we choose the most appropriate solution for certain what effect.

• Fumigation

The fumigation is a way of insecticide fumigant type hot or cold fogger.
We use odorless and harmless meds, which do not stain and does not require the evacuation of people or goods. And all this with a written guarantee because disinfection is HEALTH!