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We are a member of the Association of Companies of Disinfestation Deratization Greece SEAME.

*The new health regulations describe very specifically all obligations restaurateurs, roaster and generally all professionals prepare even partially the species available to their customers (cafeterias, bars, canteens,bakeries etc.). Basic and most often enemies in restaurants are cockroaches and mice because of their eating habits for example cockroaches feed on starchy foods, breads, cakes, peanuts and mice although omnivores with grains, cereals, fruits. Cockroaches can transmit diseases such as salmonella, diarrhea, dysentery and allergies in many people.Αlso mice are hosts of many microbes and their urine and the feces can cause asthma, hair loss and in worst case leptospirosis.For this reason, the operator must assign the Integrated Pest Management, in accordance with the legislation now in specialist professionals or workshops specially licensed on pest control - Rodent control by the Ministry of Development and Food.The certificates must be kept in a special folder "pest control - Rodent", along with contracts (usually 3-month, but it can be agreed based on the needs of each space), the information documents and legal authorizations of the materials used.

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